Define Your Christian Band's Mission

Know what God has called your band to do | taught by Marie Wise

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How can you know what kind of ministry God has for you to do?

We'll take a look at how God has prepared you with past experiences and where your heart's desire is now. We'll also look at how band members individual desires and stories can combine to make interesting music and a powerful ministry.

When your band has a clear message and agrees on where you want to be in ministry, you'll have unity. Your decisions will be easier as you develop steps to best accomplish your mission. Your ministry will be more effective because it will be targeted to the people who can be helped most by your ministry.

This FREE 5 part mini-course will help you lay a solid foundation for your music ministry.

1. Defining Your Target Audience

2. Defining Your Music Genre and Style

3. Defining Which Venues you Should Play

4. Using Your Appearance to Connect with Fans

5. Using your Story to Bring Fans Closer to Jesus

Marie Wise
Marie Wise

Musician, concert promoter, visual artist, band manager—you name it, I have probably done it. Then I write about what I learned in The Christian Band Handbook and The Christian Musicians Devotional. In addition to the variety of experience in music, I hold a certificate in nonprofit business leadership and management from Michigan State University and the Society of Nonprofit Organizations. My husband Mark, a bass player and guitarist, has been a Christian musician for over 20 years.

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